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Shoes are not.8 generation price appreciation potential is shoes. And double of basketball shoes. No 1-5. No 6 generation retro flavor.11 generation value. No performance of 12-23 generation technology. It did not use double shoes. And now AJ8 are seven hundred. It can rise no less. Two shoes to keep the original price. Buy the wrong.850 retro flavor thicker. Or more technical performance shoes. The shoes buy long appreciation.AJ8... Value. "trend free" is a regular column of the YOHO NOW project, and I hope everyone will be able to know something about the trend in a short time just like instant coffee. Covers news, celebrity brand shoes, music, art, film, hot spots of the latest developments, if you don't want to miss the big trend in the circle, will be sure to pay attention to, of course, we can more interaction with us in the comments and opinions! must have many people (including small I) in this era of superstar Kobe retired as its tears, this in twenty-first Century has improved the rules of the NBA court had won a single game with 81 points of the "devil" is unprecedented. Michael Jordan is in the occasion of his retirement to black white two AirJordan kits, including from one generation to the 30 generation of shoes are all! This suit is placed in the Sneaker ring appears to be unprecedented, and the black suit is in the last year in the eBay auction and eventually to 24 000 $100 auction price drop, amounting to more than 1 million 500 thousand yuan! And another one has recently appeared in the HeritageAuctions auction, the size is Peter Kobe himself in the US14, the auction will be held on May 22nd and June 11th as st jordan 3 katrina 2018 arting, I do not know this time the auction price will soar to what price? earlier Supreme officially announced the joint shoes official pictures of speculation in the design and details as early as before, a version of the AirMoreUptempo choice of high-grade leather and nubuck leather with custom uppers, soles is still Air-Sole air sole. The most noteworthy is the joint marks on both sides of the large AIR were replaced with reflective property "SUPREME"! It is reported that SupremexNikeAirMoreUptempo branded shoes today has been sold out in the US and Europe, then landed in Japan on the 29 day, the domestic area of sale is in May 1st, NikeLabX158, NikeLabDSMPEK and NikeLabPS7 three stores will offer the heavy price of $1299RMB group. Specific offer details, we can pay attention to the official NikeLab micro signal! NikeLabDSMPEK , north of Beijing, Sanlitun, I.TBeijingMarket NikeLabX158, Xinle Road, 158 Shanghai, Jingan District, Hongkong, 7 Baisha Road, Tongluowan, now, more and more around sports will be regarded as a trendsetter in AppleWatch street, especially when sharing bikes have also begun to pop up after recording their travel information or motion trajectory in the wrist, seems to have become a fan of the faith. Like in the traditional watch industry, many people will collect several different styles and materials of the band, with mood and clothes to make the same day with the decision, and in recent years has become a new retro trend. Earlier A〉In order to adapt to the changing fashion needs and produce more customized products, Adidas launched the world's first mass production of 3D printing sports shoes Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale - " the future process 4D" ;. consumers can customize the color and pattern of shoes when ordering this shoe. 3D printing technology can greatly reduce the cost and time of customized production, and also produce more suitable soles according to your weight and footwork data. in fact, like other sports products giant Nike, dema and new 100-lun are also trying to use the sole production of 3D printing technology, but there are still not mass production, just sign up for its athletes produced a small number of custom shoe sole. This is because 3D printing technology is slower, higher cost, and the quality of products produced is not as good as the current large-scale production of sports shoes using injection molds. however, Adidas said, and Silicon Valley startups Carbon cooperation will be able to overcome these difficulties, production quality can be comparable with the injection shoes products, but the speed and cost can meet the requirements of mass production. Gerd Manz, Adidas's technology innovation director, said, "this is not only a milestone for Adidas, but also for the industry as a whole," says ." Carbon has won investments from Sequoia Capital, GE and Google Corporation. Carbon abandons the traditional 3D printing technology, uses photosensitive polymerization resin to print, and then through the light polymerization reaction, complete the curing process. This technique will help Adidas sports shoes faster production of customized models or limited edition, and lower cost, usually mould a pair of sole needs 4 to 6 weeks to finish grinding, need at least 10000 times to recover the cost. Adidas expects to Cheap air jordans for sale produce 5000 pairs of "future craft 4D" sneakers this year. By next year, Carbon 3D printing technology will make the time of printing a pair of shoes reduced from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes, the "future process 4D" sports shoes production is expected to reach 100 thousand pairs. The price of shoes is not known for the time being, but Adidas says that as technology advances, the cost will gradually decrease. Last year, Adidas sold hundreds of sports shoes using traditional 3D printing technology, priced at $333 (about 2297 yuan), but the soles were hard, and the printing time of a pair of shoes took 10 hours. Vans OTW will again in October to review our vision for Vans lovers winter shoes series, called: Luxe Reverse. In this series, Vans OTW will still bring family shoes Tesella shoes in black leather on the side of the building, use a light brown leather woven with interspersed, followed by Griphook, make shoes more feeling of autumn. There are two pairs of Alomar shoes, a pair of black leather, a pair of light brown suede blessing, still against the seasonal features, plus the cross ventilation hole side increased permeability. Three pairs of shoes outsole with a lightweight UltraCush Lite, provide a more comfortable and casual wear experience. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog??????inexpensive shoes for women ring bracelets buy online cheap sneakers wholesale china brand sunglasses uk shoes for women ring bracelets buy online" /〉 kiss sunglasses taiwan glasses stores in madison wi free v womens shoes grey white pink cheap cheap jordans for sale glasses online zenni bangle bracelets definition online shopping sunglasses in pakistan mobile accessories wholesale shop in dubai hypervenom turf black inexpensive shoes for women ring bracelets buy online ??????... .cn/u/5572149262 [ ???? ] [ ??????? ] ??? 0Get rid of the shadow skateboard Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault latest shoes debut 2013-12-08 22:58:53 Vans Vans Vault's high-end branch has been working with Japanese-American designer new work & nbsp; Taka Hayashi & nbsp; have very good cooperation relationship, we had to bring over & nbsp; Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault 2013 spring and summer shoes Preview & nbsp; the relevant reports, to be overwhelmed as we bring more attention is one of a & nbsp; CORNICE LX shoes , Taka Hayashi & nbsp; & nbsp; this is still in the design style is different from the previous Vans walked, so get rid of the shadow of skateboard shoes, these two & nbsp; & nbsp; CORNICE LX also exudes a gentleman of high taste texture taste. Air Jordan 11 "Reverse DMP" personal customized version debut 2013-12-08 23:23:44 concerned sneakers custom work friends for Mache's name will not be unfamiliar, the star character sneakers custom ring This time they brought us a Air Jordan 11 custom work. Mahce to have launched the DMP package for inspiration, the one pair of all-white Air Jordan 11 to re-create, load on the upper part of the golden shoes, and with a golden logo, very luxurious. adidas Originals classic black and white with bright injection off "Sporty Teen" wave 2015-09-14 12:26:25 young, dynamic aesthetics tags are not without style adidas Originals, and this September, air jordan 11 space jam for sale clover brand leaders will bring family members set off "Sporty Teen" trend, by black and white as the main color modeling outfit classic design into surging vitality. As timeless timeless fashion color, black and white street side of the sportswear of the most vividly demonstrated. Common Look and seemingly solid color prints combined with each other, but to create a unique style of cool air flow range of children; fashion like cut silhouette is completely blurred the boundaries between fashion and sport, no doubt created the modern design of the new sportswear concept. Jolin personal demonstration of the new season series, both like a street dancer, also deemed the American movement for people, the upper body of digital printing Hoody jacket and pants black pants extreme interpretation; the brand logo of "three lines" logo is becoming apparel design footwear color finishing touch, with its feet in black and white with some fluorescent colors complement each other, yet lively, will also magnify the brand DNA. In addition, a few colorful element added, more lining the "black and white philosophy" unique, in black and white theme outfit pregnant with infinite possibilities and diversity. adidas Yeezi shoes or will be delayed until 2015 for sale 2014-05-06 22:47:29 At the recent launch of the adidas global brand, Kanye West claimed that he and co-create the highlight adidas adidas Yeezi will be available in June this year, but the trend today, according to the famous site High Snobiety rumor that, in June this year but adidas Yeezi in adidas internal presentation time, the actual release date or postponed until the spring of 2015. Called sometime, you now only waiting.NIKE Air Force 1 (AF1) has been 35 years of history, although the age is huge but this does not affect the young consumers, let the shoes became popular in the world of enduring secret actually comes from where? The legend of history today let's intention taste AF1. "Air Force " in 1982, 1 1982 AF1 was born, deeply rooted in the basketball movement, led by Malone of the six basketball defense experts, to the classic poster, tough stance of Malone and his friends show six major elements: AF1 grand, durability, transcendence, heroic, coherent and pure. Air Force Low "in 2013, 1 YOTD Deluxe " Ao 's innovative work has become the old classic, and now AF1 is the perfect interpretation of the ancient word, Nike in a whole new way of expression of colors and patterns to AF1 into a new soul. designer from Shanghai to Tibet Tibetan mastiff dog for the design of the main line on behalf of the entire group to commemorate the arrival of the year of the dog dog, a taste of Tibet with grain and turquoise color collocation, make whole shoe highlight national texture at the same time lost in modern sense. NIKE Air Force "in 2017, 1 Mid Flyknit " NIKE Air Force with this pair of 1 is modeled using the technology idea of shaping, maintaining the integrity of traditional AF1 shoes and NIKE Roshe into the One comfort, simple but not simple. A review of the Although after 2000 iterative update, AF1 NIKE is still one of the most recognizable shoes. It is rooted in the basketball culture, and become a street culture, this shoe design has been in the continuation of the classic. has not been in the style of NIKE. The beginning of creation, will not stop the brilliant achievements brought about by the original version of the introduction of new technologies, new materials, to the integration of innovation, created a "AF1" 35 years of glory. In this retro era, engraved version of the continuation of the classic but also lead the trend. recently Sneaker circle is a pair of bright yellow AirJordan5PE scraper! What is the origin of it, and the market performance? May wish to look down! The is to pay tribute to the famous NCAA JordanBrand shoes, the history of the "Michigan five" (Chris · Webb, Howard, Zhu 000 · Jielun · Ross, Jamie ·, Jackson · gold mine;) as a color inspiration, bright yellow with black color of shoes insole and lining up code, AJ5 sign of the yellow ink painting shark embellishment, the overall style is very brisk suction eye, extraordinary texture! is more of the details of extraordinary significance! The classic gesture "Michigan original FiveTimes" Logo embroidery on the heel of the tongue "M" to replace the original JumpmanLogo highlight Michigan exclusive identity, tongue back respectively with "Hailto" and "TheVictory" show, meaning to commemorate the victory salute, once they shook the stadium unforgettable figure! this special edition of AirJordan5 "Fab5" PE only as few friends limit, does not have a commercially available program! and this pair of shoes into the market, the market performance in the end how? New York famous shoes store FLIGHTCLUB gives us the answer! US12 code is equivalent to one hundred thousand RMB up to $15000USD! The price is almost the world's most expensive AirJordan5! no what feelings of Michigan, or can not afford to buy or..! The strength of the domestic AJ5 collectors may pay more attention to the collection!Adidas skateboarding series has always been with Mark Gonzales title skaters and artists have a close relationship, this time designed by him in 2009 spring models in the world can buy, but which will also be released Limited edition, let's see it he designed limited edition bar & nbsp;! including shoes and clothes . & nbsp; Source: adidas SkateboardingEarlier, with a preview of the pictures so that the global fashion playing hand excited endless, they finally exposed the two sides to build products! This time, Murakami Takashi and Vault by Vans choose Slip-On shoes as the blueprint, the upper deck with Murakami Takashi signs of sun flower and skull pattern rendering, visual effect is very strong! And we see the notice on the insole in the familiar star Wang "Pom", in a grandiose appearance, with a childlike heart, this is perhaps many of the artist's inner portrayal. It is reported that the shoes will be sold in the designated shops recently, and there will be a series of supporting clothing sales.The day before the Nike for its popular Air shoes Trainer 1 Mid launched a new color, the designers use pure black to create high quality leather uppers, details are selected based on Grey rendering, white bottom and the shoe body is in stark contrast to the color, a strong "black and white" with breath. It is reported that the shoe is now officially in the designated store, item number 317554-004, interested friends may wish to look at.