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. With Paris Fashion Zhou Ganggang end soon, there is serious attention to Belgium deconstruction fashion brand Maison Martin Margiela friends must be very interested in its 2015 summer series of shoes. The fan we gave you the first to bring this fan preview. Seemingly worn shoes to create the design, but it is using a variety of fabrics to create, in stark sense of hierarchy, the details of the unique process, it is revealing the Maison Martin Margiela's deconstructed fashion unique vision. Interested friends may pay more attention to PKPOP follow-up a limited edition LV leather O'neal's domineering mansion refers to sign luxury panorama swimming pool interior decoration luxury car private hall Car , handed the identity of the owner of nature is essential for can make friends with the nouveau riche is naturally very happy, believe that a former Laker Madsen. Madsen is the first round of the 2000 twenty-ninth round by the Lakers selected rookie. As at the time the Lakers make no apology for the core players, O'Neill in Madsen display in front of the big brother like affinity. O'neal with the beginning of the first to Losangeles Madsen crazy shopping, to help the new man quickly adapt to the environment in Losangeles. Madsen in the memories of the special shopping experience, said he was simply Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale shocked, this is definitely a lifetime memorable crazy shopping. December 30th 2010 is Lebron's 25 year old birthday. Happy birthday, always natural Cavaliers players choose the gift, but O'neal apparently some energyinto. He resorted to generous, sent a when year just listed on the Rolls Royce phantom, this phantom VI value between 38-45 million dollars. NBA between teammates exchanging gifts it is unusual, but like Shaq such look and pulled out a $40 million to a teammate to buy luxury cars pies is unprecedented. Not only Lebron was a little excited, ESPN also to ridicule Kobe: the shark spent 400 thousand to Lebron, as he did Kobe spend 400 dollars? 2011 Christmas. He is quite mind to each of his teammates to pick up a gift, which gave Nate Robinson is a very nifty mink coat. according to the American media, O'neal earned $20 million in 2013, more than 95% active players NBA. The picture is O'neal in his autobiography fansign. O'Neill had in 2004 at a price of $100 per share to buy a large number of Google stock, and ended in July 2013, the stock price has risen to $919, people had to admire the O'Neill gold absorption capacity. everyone knows O'Neill in addition to had served as a spokesman for Reebok and Li Ning brand outside, he also founded the dunk brand, logo is the dunk he handed image. the on cheap foamposites Air Presto fans is undoubtedly good news, there are more than 10 pairs of Air Presto new color exposure effect chart, in addition to the design modification of some tricks, "Blackout", "Knicks such classic advent; it is reported that these color or in 2015 to 2016 at the beginning of the shelves in succession. source: NT, US11ASICS recently joined hands with designer David Guarino to launch ZILLION x ASICS LYTE III. LYTE III this series of shoes is the most popular ASICS shoes, and the ZILLION x ASICS LYTE III with a white color design from ivory, traditional Japanese kimono, shoe body choose cloth vamp breathable, gives a very refreshing feeling. And retains the original light weight and other functional design, but also with wooden labels, very personality. This ZILLION x ASICS LYTE III is the best choice for sports and leisure. NCAA new season football game will be kicked off, as the chief sponsor of Nike's sponsorship of the University team prepared a series of sophisticated equipment, today the network exposure of a series of "super weapons". These so-called "weapons" were placed in the ammunition box, including a pair of new team color Air Trainer 1, a T-shirt, a bandage, two chain, a rival rope and a number of small gear, including almost all the basic equipment required for football. But from th air jordan 11 space jam for sale e relevant articles we know of these special equipment is provided for college players, there will be no commercially available version, we can only through the pictures to a feast.The launch of the NIKE TEKUPO SLIDE has allowed the trend to have a new selection of slippers beyond Birkenstock and VISVIM. The shoe body design patent leather buckle straps, adjustable (V in this book have seen). The sole adopts the earliest classic waffle outsole of Nike, and it is no problem to walk with foam bottom street, also did not make their personal PE Jumpman Team shoes are players in the era of Jordan Brand, such as Jordan Jumpman Team shoes to serve as a team shoe, as Jumpman Team Ray Allen in older people, naturally have to belong to his Jordan Jumpman Team PE. At present, this one in 1998 for Ray exclusive build Jordan Jumpman Team PE, is now on sale in eBay, like friends can go to have a look.[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Nike has joined the ranks of Argentine clothing brand is determined to reduce the price of some of its products. Adidas (Adidas), Zara, Cacharel (Cacharel), Penguin, Paula Cahen D'Anvers and Lacoste has also taken similar measures. Such decisions with the government by signing agreements with large chain stores and brand to curb inflation policies. US brand Nik jordans on sale online e said, "cost adjustment is intended to maintain prices in the market competitiveness, and assist the government to ensure that reasonably priced consumer products." "Nike remains committed to the use of imported commodities and products of the company in Argentina ten subcontracting factories manufactured to provide innovative consumer products to Argentina, the aforementioned plant can provide 5,500 jobs." Nike said. price is determined by Adidas and Falabella (major department store chain) to initiate, thereby maintaining sales, inflation, according to government requirements do not trigger clothing and other commodities. Argentine Government assigned the Minister of Trade and sellers negotiate reduced large textile matters, thereby slowing price growth rose. A price means the price is reached through consensus control, achieve significant knock-on effects, as other brands and manufacturers had to reduce prices in order to remain competitive. Notable example is, in the first few days after reaching agreement with the government, Vesubius Textile Group decided to "take the initiative" to cut prices by 10%. Lacoste, Penguin, Cacharel and Paula Cahen D'Anvers are licensed Vesubius of. Vesubius has increased production, lower unit costs and prices, however, but also find ways to increase exports to make up for losses. Similarly, the Spanish brand Zara (open 10 stores in Argentina) are followed to reduce the price, because all major businesses are aware of the necessity of suppressing inflation in Argentina, which is since 2001 - since the 2002 financial crisis, many imperatives The most pressing one event. Despite the significant growth in the Argentine economy, but domestic inflation on the economy and people's spending power is still unique in terms of the threat since the eighties of the last century, there has been hyperinflation. Continued price increases could lead to people spending less and less; sales dropped, production is affected, will eventually lead to an increase in unemployment. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)can definitely call it Air Jordan 13's bumper year this year! Not only has it come back to many classic color matching, but also many new products dress up and bring forth the new, this time ushered in two new color matching Air Jordan 13, "Love &", "amp", "Respect""! At Air Jordan 13 Retro Love & amp Respect ; "male colorThe overall shape of with simplicity all-match black and white color tone, showing two men using reverse tone form. And Joe closer in 2003 published "love and respect to the letter" in the "Basketball" (Love & amp; Respect) were injected into the feelings, the toe cap and 3M reflective heel, really exciting! At Air Jordan 13 Retro Love & amp Respect; female color it is reported that the new two Air Jordan 13, "Love &", "amp, Respect" and a series of theme clothing, single products, will be on sale in Greater China in October 1st, interested friends must not miss! believe that we have heard of the upcoming VLONE this weekend in Beijing, Chengdu opened Pop-up Store, Edison also in personal Instagram for the limited sale campaign. VLONE opened Pop-up in the mainland for the first time, and I've been able to imagine the crowds of people going on at the scene tomorrow. The relationship between VLONE and Edison Chan, we should be very clear, he as teachers trend to everyone, and after all the story you have too many memorable, to show their attitude to participate in the music festival does not say, so I really look forward to is a big wave in Shanghai in October he set off, he in China launched a large-scale exhibition with his 3125C. so, what's the show in October? We sell a child. ". heard about the Shanghai event about two or three months ago from friends, and the word "Edison Chan led" was enough for me. And "3125C" now for everyone should not be strange, Edison Chan opened the Pop-Up gallery. , as early as I know, this "3125C" is through that Edison Chan and VICE co production documentary "within reach.". remember this documentary, I have seen more than a dozen times, the whole documentary almost screenshot. The three piece of the documentary, with modern art as a new perspective of the Edison brother and his 3125C band we know too many do not know about the brand and artists. Cali Dewitt 3125C Cali Thornhill DeWitt early 3125C collaborated with the artist Cali Dewitt and worked with the Gothic font he excelled in. , but after the collaboration with Kanye, the name "Cali Dewitt" was known by more people. After people education comment "EDC" for such a copycat, pseudo encyclopedic reviews, Edison Chan gave a reply is to let the other rendered speechless. before, we have introduced the artist Matthew Senna produced Air Jordan, shoes, handicrafts, but also in Edison Chan's 3125C show many times before being more familiar with the Asian trend lovers. Vanquish's brand "rabbit", two. P.A.M., Palace Skateboards, Club 75, Pleasures and other brands are almost all by Edison Chan, 3125C began to enter the domestic people's vision. if we want to know some new brands, it's possible to search for the word "EDC" in addition to our own search. Even if one day he stopped running his business, we